Power of Acceptance and TISA MOOC

    Dr. Humayun ( NRS Medical College, Kolkata ) incidence 1: May 2018, had gone for the AIIMS exam. While verification of admit card I stammer badly in front of many people. I felt ashamed of myself. It’s like I did some crime. Could not concentrate on the exam as usual & got the worst […]

Have You Ever Wondered ? ( K-K-K-Katy)

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED?   “K-K-K-Katy” was a popular World War I-era song written by Canadian American composer Geoffrey O’Hara in 1917 and published in 1918. The sheet music advertised it as “The Sensational Stammering Song Success Sung by the Soldiers and Sailors”, as well as “The Sensational New Stammering Song” The song was first […]

The hidden power of smiling

Smiling can trick your brain into believing you’re happy which can then spur actual feelings of happiness. But it doesn’t end there. Dr. Murray Grossan, an ENT-otolaryngologist in Los Angeles points to the science of psychoneuroimmunology (the study of how the brain is connected to the immune system), asserting that it has been shown “over and […]

Have You Ever Wondered?

The Reason Porky Pig Stutters:   Many cartoon characters have distinctive voices, but there’s no mistaking when Porky Pig speaks. Porky’s tendency to repeat certain letters and syllables has been with him since he debuted on Merrie Melodies in 1935—and that’s because his original voice actor, Joe Dougherty, also had a severe stutter. Here’s I […]

Me and Chennai Communication Workshop

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience and thoughts on communication workshop held in Chennai on 24th& 25th Nov 2018. First, I would like to say thanks to Manimaran sir for organizing the workshop along with Wilfred and team. It was my first communication workshop and after completing the Bengaluru National conference this […]

Tisa Diary – Kolkata (18/11/2018)

Name of participants: Sashikant, Bhargav, Nirmalya, Soham and Anjan Place- Victoria Memorial Garden, Kolkata Time: 11.30 a.m to 3.00 pm   Today our Mr. Bhargav Bhattacharyya from Agarpara attend his first ever SHG meeting at Kolkata. He is very energetic and confident PWS. He is also a General Secretary of his college Union currently pursuing […]

Mr. Dixit Arora on Akashwani Delhi FM 100.1

Mr. Dixit Arora our Delhi SHG Co-Ordinator who is working with an MNC and Working Selflessly with TISA Delhi SHG from many years got a chance of interview on Akashwani Delhi FM 100.1 with Indu Pandey. It happened on 14 Nov children day. Giving awareness to children about stammering and what they should do if they […]

Ahmedabad SHG Meeting ( 7/10/2018)

TISA Ahmedabad SHG organized an SHG Meeting on 7 October ( Sunday). Here is the list of participants of SHG Meet – Vipul, Smit, Ketul, Shailesh, Veer, Vijay, Pradeep, Shardaree, Harshil, Ram, Bhupendra. This meeting started at 8 am at Vastrapur lake at Ahmedabad. It started with the speech on a topic of our choice for 5 […]

A Report on National Conference Bengaluru 2018

The much-awaited yearly event of TISA “National Conference 2018” occurred in Bengaluru from 29 September to 1 October. Day – 1 1. Inaugural Ceremony {Lightening of the lamp by Mr. V. Manimaran (TISA Chennai Chapter Coordinator)} 2. Welcoming Addresses ( Brief Introduction to TISA, Brief introduction to SHG, Details of Bengaluru SHG, An overview of […]

Two Days of Theater Auditions

I have a dream from my childhood to take part in theatres and Nukkad Natak. When I was in my schools my classmates take part in various cultural activities but I always bother how others might think about me as I stammer. So I never took part in any cultural activities till class 12 and […]

Hangouts Meeting Report ( 30 /6 /2018 )

Date – 30/06/2018 So today the Hangouts were conducted successfully . Here are some key points of the Hangouts : 1. All the participants were very disciplined throughout the meeting . 2. All the participants spoke very beautifully with no fear and gave their answers very well . 3. All the persons told about their […]

Episode – 4 Dr. Sweta Ruparel ( Humans of TISA )

Dr Sweta Ruparel is  a doctor (Family Physician) by profession; She is passionate about social work and advocacy. She has done considerable work for an anti-corruption movement by coordinating RTI trainings and promoting awareness on social media. Presently she is volunteering actively in this ongoing TISA MOOC. Women who stammer, often suffer on two counts: […]

New Teaser for NC Bengaluru

Are you Depressed from your Stammer ? Don’t Worry TISA is here , Join us in our NC Bengaluru This Year . Following Events are going to happen in our NATIONAL CONFERENCE ; which will make you more Bold and Confident . ☀ Stanger Talk: Opening up with People at pUblic places about Stammer (This […]