Change your Internal Story

The only thing standing between us and our goals is the bullshit story we keep telling ourselves as to why we cannot achieve it.
NC 2018 was an extravagant grandiose, to say the least. I was initially hesitant about attending the NC and was doubting whether it would really be the worth for my time and money. Finally after the persuasion from a couple of senior members, I registered for it. In hindsight, this was really a good decision that I took. I learnt many new things along with reinforcing many things that I already knew about my stammering and psychology. Among them one thing that stood out is that – We tell a lot of bullshit stories to ourselves.
Stories about why we cannot achieve something, why we cannot do a certain thing, why we don’t have something in life because of our stammer and so on. It is all really in our minds. When I listened to the presentations of senior members and guest speakers, one thing that was common was stammering didn’t let them stop from living a full life. That fact brings out the core element. We have been conditioned from years from the society, from relatives and mainly from our own internal voices, that we cannot do certain things in life because of our stammering. We are supposed to go outside with an imaginary blanket on our head always creating anxiety in us. We cannot speak effectively with strangers, we cannot speak in public, our relationships will go south, it is very shameful to be not able to respond to roll call, it is embarrassing to take some time to tell our names. That is the bullshit that we have been telling ourselves.
Once we are able to recognise these stories to the very fundamental levels and hack into our thoughts and mind, I can guarantee in writing, that stammering will be the last thing that we will worry about in our lives.

Post Author: Keerthan Bhat

2 thoughts on “Change your Internal Story

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (November 3, 2018 - 9:06 am)

    Wow! Yes, Stammering is our own internal fight. We’re the one who continuously says ” I can’t do this or that because I stammer ” And as you pointed out we’re conditioned from society to think in this manner. TISA opens our mind; Life is bigger than stammering. We can’t wait to be fluent to achieve our life goals. Taking small courageous steps to our goals is the key to progress and self-development. Hoping to meet you in NC Bhopal.

      Keerthan Bhat

      (November 3, 2018 - 11:25 am)

      Thank you Bhupendra. Yes, looking forward to NC Bhopal.

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