Gandhinagar Communication Workshop – I Feels Blessed ; Being a PWS .

I attained my first communication workshop at Gandhinagar on 5 and 6 may . Its a great experience for me to Co-facilitate this workshop with Dhruv , Vipul , Sweta , Smit , Roshan .

Day 1

# We started with introduction round by using different techniques and funny games.

# Then we discussed on Iceberg ; We all added our points what we feels when we stammer . what are internal factors of stammering and external factors of stammering . and I heared a new word , freedom mindest . How we can move from stammering mindset to freedom mindset.

# Then we have delicious snacks ( poha and bread-butter )

# After lunch we have a meditation session lead by Dr. Sweta Ruparel .

#After that we organised a tallent show , in which everyone shown their tallents . some shows there singing skills , some shown there skills of playing musical instruments like guitar , bansuri , shankh . Dhruv shown his tallent of Beat Boxing and we all done it with him . Vipul singed a song in bouncing and voluntary stammering . Smit shred his project work. and i recited a poem .

# In Evening we gone to Infocity for Stammering Interviews. and there we met a mother who come to us for asking help for her daughter who is about 3 or 4 years old . Vipul shared some books with her on how parents should deal with child who stammer.

# Then we all gone for delicious Gujrati Dinner and Tasty AAAAAAmmmmm Russss.



# It started with a energetic Cycling session.

# Then we have breakfast , Delicious khaman and sips of tea.

# Dhruv took recap of the learnings of day 1.

# Then Rahul and Kuldeep Joined us on day 2 so, they introduced themselves with us.

# then we have a Peanut Round for learning pausing technique.

#Then for dealing with secondaries , we called our friends and recorded our videos and made our own icebergs.

# Then a self image and confidence session by Dr. Sweta Ruparel.

# Sales Session by Sajesh.

#Lunch , i eat a special dish named as khandawi ; i loved that dish alot.

#Role Plays , we have 3 plays based on concept if 99 % of people are stammerer so, that world might be.

# In End we have a friends and family members session .


After failing from so many interviews I’m feeling very low . so, i want to join a Tisa activity at any cost . and this workshop is a boost for me . It teached me alot . The love ahmedabad SHG and Vipul bhai , Dhruv , Roshan bhai , Smit , Shailesh , Anil given me , i cant explain in words. and they all are ispiration for me including Dr. Sweta , Sajesh , Yosuf . I learned from them , They all are like my family members , they all passed through same phase through which I’m going on . If Sajesh Can be a Salesman , If Sweta Can be a Lecturer , If Mitesh bhai own his shop , if Vipul bhai can do his HR work , Then why I’m so depressed . I am a part of family where people understand me. No one laughs on me when i stammer . If i have choice i will never left that workshop. I Still Remember MR. Anjan Ghosh , He come from Kolkata to join this meeting . he is a inspiration for me , The smile on his face is a proof . He lived a succesful life with his stammer . First time in life i thanked god to made me a stammerer . i have such a huge family , I have so much to learn about communication. I feels Blessed to be born with STAMMER . I’m from that 1% lucky people who have this diversity. Who can see this world with silence . Love You TISA . If i have a choice so , i want to propose my stammer . Keep Teaching me best lessons of my life . And never leave me alone , I feels Scared when you are not with me . I love you Stammering , Wanna live with me for my whole life.

2 thoughts on “Gandhinagar Communication Workshop – I Feels Blessed ; Being a PWS .

    Harish Usgaonker

    (May 8, 2018 - 9:23 am)

    Very nice narrative… I could imagine very well what all that was going on during the workshop. Truly it seems to be a well organised event. Congrats to Ahmedabad SHG for the success, and congrats to Bhupendra on gathering the courage to fall in love and “proposing” his stammer 🙂

    Satyendra Srivastava

    (May 8, 2018 - 1:05 pm)

    So nice!
    TISA can do many more such workshops – PROVIDED some one (like Vipul) can take the charge of organising it… So, please consider volunteering for this. Before you think of a Comm Workshop, run a SHG for a few months.. and then, take the leap!
    TISA thanks you in ADVANCE!!

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