International Yoga Day

Yoga means union. Yoga means union with God, or, union of the little, ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is one of the six Āstika (orthodox) schools of Hindu philosophical traditions.

The International Yoga day is celebrated on 21 June. This year TISA organized an Online Event on this occasion, where we asked our members to share their creative expressions to spread awareness about Yoga.

We received two entries,

  1. Amarnath (Bengaluru SHG) – He shared his video while performing Shirsasana ( Check it on our Instagram Page – )
  2. Rashmi Anchal (Ahmedabad SHG) – She shared her artwork with us. ( Check it on our Instagram Page – )

We thank both of them to help us in spreading awareness about Yoga through our social media platforms. Physical fitness helps in improving mental fitness. We should learn more about Yoga and Yogic postures will help us in improving our physical as well as mental wellness.

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