Mumbai SHG – Office, YMCA, Mall

Office in Sakinaka

Minutes of today’s saki naka shg – We straight away got down on the chair with each one of us expressing themselves in their own tailor made office /business situation. After that we moved on to some basic voluntary blocking exercises by doing some observation and role play. Thanks Prashant, Anthony and Dhruv for putting a great show today ?? Hoping to see more faces next week! – Yash

YMCA Ghatkopar

R City Mall in Ghatkopar

Mintues of Ghatkopar SHG held on 26.03.2017. 1. Basic Introduction. 2. Learning about the fundamental theory of bouncing and prolongation technique. Each participant was asked to speak aloud a text using the above mentioned technique. Pairs were made and the same techniques were again practised, and feedback given to each partner. 3. Learning about Valsalva maneuver and active listening. 4.  Interview session with this questionnaire in pair to discuss general issues pertaining to stammering mindset, causes, cures, etc. 5. Outdoor Activity: Went to R City mall and talked with various people about different aspects of stammering, how they feel about it and what according to them is the basic cause of it. – Tarun

About stranger talk activity: ?????? applause to all who went bungee jumping today.. who came to Rcity mall.. before you go it’s scary, but after you talk to a few people, you realise what’s the big deal.. today I learned that I can talk about stammering openly, ‘strangers’ are more compassionate than I think.. let’s trust others.. if others are ok with the way I speak? Then why can’t I be? – Dhruv

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    (March 31, 2017 - 8:52 pm)

    I’ve heard of sakinaka only in Bollywood films only! And you guys are doing stranger talk there!

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