My experience #3

take any problem….let’s don’t take a problem….take a new skill…. can we master it overnight or over a small period..say 10 days…never so why we want to learn a fluent way of speech or better say – becoming a good communicator…..

the grim reality is that we don’t accept our stammering,,,we just day dream that i could do great if i would have spoken fluently… Yes speech matters but time gone is gone so instead of keep endless fight with ourselves, we must try to negotiate with ourselves and make a peace treaty.

we have made our whole world around stammering… and our speech —- we must be grateful to god that we are in good state of health …. we are able to move our body , ,,,,, we can see the seven colors of rainbow…. there are millions of people who will not see tomorrow sunshine…they are going to die… i know i am getting philosophical a bit,,,but we must make our perception wide……the one thing that can change our/anyone’s life is enhancing our perception and see things as they really are as Vipasana meditation taught us……

According to past learnings , now a days i came to know that there is no effect without a cause … how we can expect that someone can cure us overnight,,, the problem we have developed over years that must be reversed with our conscious efforts === a speech therapist will show the way but ultimately it is YOU who has to go to show and ask for goods , it is YOU who has to stand up and speak whether you stammer or not….

Many years ago,,, A teacher said to me ,,,, Boy..You are gem but you need someone who can carve best out of you…

These days i have realised that Look Mr Raman ,,, there is no one who can make best out of YOU .. it is YOU who can make best out of YOU ,,, with continuous efforts of Days and Nights…Months over months,.,.Years over year…Even god can’t help who are not willing to help themselves…

At the end, from KUNG FU PANDA = there is no secret ingredient … to make something special , you just believe it special….. You are the only person who can transform yourself into a great communicator….

a few qualities of great communicator

  • smile – keep smiling even midst of your block
  • eye contact – the number one problem with stammere – they try to escape – even MYSELF sometimes till now….. they shy away their eyes … BUT O Foolish man….you are hiding yourself from whom…..listener is watching all your non sense = so come back and have good eye contact with smile….
  • in fact , stammering is what people can understand , but your secondary behavior often make people confused… what is he doing???? tapping on head, looking to wall,,,,thumping foot,,,,,,and blah blah…

Rest…very soon

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1 thought on “My experience #3

    satyendra srivastava

    (August 31, 2018 - 8:26 pm)

    Good analysis, Raman!
    Our secondaries cause more confusion than our stammering. But many of us are not even conscious of those secondaries, which we have gathered over the years, thinking: If raising my shoulder or tilting my head back helps me to say the word, what is wrong with it? We gather many such twitches and tweaks, over the years- and a time comes when these secondaries (many of these are inner, hidden, psychological) are more distracting than our plain old stammering..
    I am very happy that you are sharing your WISDOM with the world again..!

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