My experience #5

stammering… a word that haunts us day and night…. sometimes life seems so frustrating that we can’t think beyond stammering… happens and happens generally with all of us… infact we all suffer from fear of stucking in the middle of conversation…. or at best we can’t even say single word….Just poker mouth…wide and open… haahaa

In these situations , we feel neglected and dejected ,,,, sometimes we feel that we are the worst victims in this world…. all others are happy and prospering and we are dying day in and day out…..

Actually this fear and all stammering related thoughts act as slow poison for us…. Outer world can’t even think what the hell is going inside a stammerers mind…. In Fact we enslaved ourselves in self made prison….

We just surrender before speaking… Even thought of speaking sometimes haunts us…..

My dear fellow lovely stammerers , There is only one way out … Just come out of these shells and stutter like hell… otherwise you don’t even feel to improve your speech…. Just stuck and feel embarrassment…. There is no other way out than to go out side or pick up your phone and attack your fears….

In this process, you are not generating hate toward your stammering .. you are just killing your so called fears and breaking your mental prison…

At the end……..It is very easy to give advice to others … but real game is to act upon your own advice.. Just do it… because life is much beyond stammering.. . If even a single person can improve, why can’t we ???

But it is not going to happen overnight…. It takes patience, persistence and perseverance…..

God bless you all… I can feel your pain because i am too enduring this pain…..We can and We will…

Raman Maan


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