Report of Surat SHG meet on 10/03/2019.

Good Evening Friends,this is the report of today’s SHG meeting held in my city.Today,in the morning we gathered at location of meeting i.e Sneh Milan garden, Majura Gate Surat. .From left to right Mr Chetan Agarwal,Dr. Chittaranjan Patel and Myself Satyam Singh,we three people came for meeting at 6’o clock in the morning,I came 15 minutes late. I met other members ,blew morning gestures and as per today’s agenda of meeting ,we start table topics session. The topics were made by Mr Chetan Agarwal. Following are the topics i) “Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.” ii) Tit for Tat iii) Charity begins at Home. We completed it by following sequence in given time and then we proceed for Strange talk event. We met some aged people and discussed about our group and TISA, they appreciated us very well and wished us for better future. Dr Chittaranjan led the stranger talk very patiently . Further we move to some more group of people and shared our words, one last group to whom we were discussing this,they turned spiritual and they gave us advice us to go at temple which is located near Mt Abu of goddess Saraswati ,make a wish there and it’ll be cured,we didn’t bargained with then as we know it doesn’t going to work and bargaining with them will be waste of time so we just said ok thanks and left them. After this we concluded our meeting with taking some assignments for week and made commitment to follow the process. After clicking pictures we move on to our places.

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Surat SHG
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