Surat SHG Report 4/11/18

Today Surat SHG had its meeting in Sneh Milan Garden at 7.00 Am.
Attended by Chetanji, Kalpeshji, Nikunj ji, Satyamji and myself.
After introduction round, we watched a video ‘The Secret’ in Hindi by Rhonda Bryne, for 15 minutes
All participants found it interesting, and we spoke in a loud voice , about what we learnt from the clip.
Next we all practised Loud Reading from a distance of about 2 metres. Simultaneously other participants recorded the video of the speaker in his own phone for his self-analysis.
We set some activities with measurable goals for our communication skills which we shall do in the next two weeks. We shall report our task completion status to each other, either personally or by WhatsApp in Group.


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