Mumbai MoM April 2

Mumbai SHG Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) April 2
?: YMCA Ghatkopar
?: 2:30-6
?: ☀day April 2
Theme: Friendship
Hosts: Tarun & Dhruv

Change Game: We made pairs and talked in that pair for 2 minutes, then someone yelled “CHANGE!”, and we switched to talk to someone else. Great way to meet everyone, build initial relationships, and start using your voice!
Thankful list: A list of everything you are thankful for! Stick it on your desk, keep adding to it.. change your mindset to appreciate and find positive in situations (we didn’t have enough time, so agreed to do it at home! Not sure if this was a good idea, procrastination can get in the way!?)
Role plays – Hakla ?, a place where 99% of the population stammers.

Classroom on Hakla planet:

Friends sharing a drink on Hakla planet:
Videography & working on secondary behaviours: In pairs, one person called someone for 5-7 minutes with the purpose of capturing their stammering on camera. They then watched that video to identify what their doing.

For SHG coordinators: We didn’t do it this time, but next time.. at this point we could have worked on showing people how to voluntarily do their secondary behavior, and then put that behavior through it’s entire range – this will help increase awareness. Entire range meaning if you put your head down when stammering, try putting it up, to the left, to the right, up and down, keeping it straight, doing it with eye contact, etc. You can only change what you become aware off, and you can become aware by doing it repeatedly and consciously.

Read Chapter 3 in AHJ as a group: This chapter is on accepting that you stammer, and we discussed our goals for next week.

Challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and go to your SHG tomorrow (Sunday).. see your biological family! ??????

Saying “TISA!”


Normal smile


Block Face!

Bouncing face..

Random face ?

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