TISA Hyderabad Chapter Meetup News – Dec 22

Writeup by Dnyaneshwar

Hello everyone, This time we had meetup at park,near GVK park,banjara hills.we were 9 members
1.Lalya 2.Mahipal 3.Manikumar 4.rajesh 5.dev 6.dnyaneshwar 7.shivtej 8.nadheem and 9.purnanand
Best thing is we are now having more consistent people with TISA Hyderabad (and responsible as well)
 We started with introduction activity in our beautiful park.

Next everyone share their view about a topic given to them by their side member.
Main aim was to make them talk on the spot and it worked well.
Many people took this opportunity to express their opinion on
different areas.
In last we discussed about the changes which TISA has made to life of everyone and later everyone share their expectation from TISA,this will help us in future planning.so here is what we discussed in this
-Some member want to improve their communication skill.
-we want to conduct workshop in next couple of months.
-we are planning to bring more awareness among people.
By taking some of these things into consideration we have started Toastmaster club style of meetings every alternate week hope that it will be helpful for TISA members
At the end i would like to thank everyone for being part of TISA and sharing their thoughts and time.

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca”at”gmail”dot”com 
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93″at”gmail”dot”com
Siva      94942159776     email id: dinakantri336″at”gmail”dot”com
Vijay     9985650423       email id:  nvijaybabu1@gmail.com
Sumanth 9441654509     email id: srisumanth4″at”gmail”dot”com
Dnyaneshwar 9052898908 dnyaneshwar141@gmail.com

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker