Bhopal SHG meeting -2nd Dec 2018

Location of the meeting -shahjahana park Infront of sultaniya hospital Timing -3:30 PM to 5 PM Hello all. Today we had conducted the SHG meeting in Bhopal. I am very glad to inform you all that BHOPAL SHG is growing day by day.Today a new person had joined this SHG.His name is prabal singh Dayma, […]

Bangalore SHG meet 2 Dec 2018

Bangalore SHG meet 2 Dec 2018 Meeting attended by: From left to right: Anna, Karthik, Shobhit, Madhavan sir, Amarnadh sir, Abhishek. Meeting started with introduction round. The rule was that speaker has to use a technique of his choice to speak. It turned out to a very informative round as Karthik explained about wagons used […]

Me and Chennai Communication Workshop

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience and thoughts on communication workshop held in Chennai on 24th& 25th Nov 2018. First, I would like to say thanks to Manimaran sir for organizing the workshop along with Wilfred and team. It was my first communication workshop and after completing the Bengaluru National conference this […]

Bhopal SHG meeting report

Location of the meeting -shahjhani park in front of sultaniya hospital near lower lake. Time -3:30-5:30 PM Date -25/11/2018 Hey guys, I am MK harsh from BHOPAL SHG . I am very glad to inform you all that,  today we had conducted the SHG meeting for the sixth time consecutively. We had planned many activities […]

Tisa Diary – Kolkata (18/11/2018)

Name of participants: Sashikant, Bhargav, Nirmalya, Soham and Anjan Place- Victoria Memorial Garden, Kolkata Time: 11.30 a.m to 3.00 pm   Today our Mr. Bhargav Bhattacharyya from Agarpara attend his first ever SHG meeting at Kolkata. He is very energetic and confident PWS. He is also a General Secretary of his college Union currently pursuing […]

18-Nov-2018 Meeting Report

18-Nov-2018 Meeting Report I left home around 11:15 PM and reached metro station at 11:30 PM near ticket counter. I talk to Arun Kumar for when he is coming to Metro station, He said He will reach in 10 minutes. I though lets do few stranger talk alone. I talk to a person the route […]

Mr. Dixit Arora on Akashwani Delhi FM 100.1

Mr. Dixit Arora our Delhi SHG Co-Ordinator who is working with an MNC and Working Selflessly with TISA Delhi SHG from many years got a chance of interview on Akashwani Delhi FM 100.1 with Indu Pandey. It happened on 14 Nov children day. Giving awareness to children about stammering and what they should do if they […]

Delhi SHG Meeting / Metro activity Invitation

SHG Agenda Venue: nearby Park of GTB Nagar Metro Gate No. 3 Date: 17-Nov-18 Time: 04:30 PM Host: Arun Kumar Co-Host: Shailender – 9911659788 1. Start the session with meditation for 3 minutes 2. Techniques learning 10 minutes 3. Introduction round with rope binding for 20 minutes 4. Extempore round 20 minutes 5. Introduction with […]

Delhi SHG Metro activity Invitation

You all are invited for TISA DELHI SHG Metro activity on Thursday i.e. on 15th November 2018 Timings:07pm Venue : GTB Nagar Metro Station gate no. 3 Agenda: Doing Metro activity – Give introduction inside moving Delhi metro For any query contact, Shailender Kumar Vinayak 9911659788

13-Nov-2018 meeting report

Today meeting report. We started our meeting with audio introduction which I took of Arun Kumar in which I talk about his detailed introduction which I continuous record in audio note. That audio note is around 30 minutes. Then we went to ouside near GTB nagar metro station near gate no. 3. First we decided […]

Delhi SHG meeting dated 10-Nov-2018

10-Nov-2018 This is decided meeting not official meeting just Mr. Arun Kumar old TISA member when he came from duty we do meeting in North Delhi. He is working in Indo Tibetan border force as Sub Inspector. He has good command in his acceptance. So when he came in holiday for few days then we […]

Meri Zindagi badal rahi hai…..

Hello,Sachin sir and all my TISA family. Mera naam Akshay Rawal hai.filhal me Coimbatore me reh raha  hu,par uske pehle me Surat shg Ka coordinator tha. TISA se Jude aaj mujhe dhai saal ho Gaye hai.kaafi badlav hai abhi,aur aage bhi aate rahege.khub dino se vichar kar raha tha ki mere baare me Kuch share […]

Hyderabad SHG meeting report, Nov. 4, 2018

Gagagaga, sasasasasa, Na na na na na.. were the sounds this time in the middle of the park but with considerable ease. The stammer having its sweet time with the Lips and sometimes eyes.. the bugger was unsuccessful this time to go full on body! The NC and the SHG meetings just made it smooth […]

Bhopal SHG Diwali meetup

Hello all. I am M K harsh from Bhopal. Today , we had conducted the SHG meeting in the morning hours from 9 am to 11 am . Today , our meeting was very special. We had discussed on the core topics that revolve in the mind of every stammerer. I raised the question that, […]

My Experience #16 Observe Your Life

hello दोस्तों , हर व्यक्ति को अपने आप से और अपने आस पास वाले लोगों से कुछ आशाएं होती है , हमे भी औरों से और अपने आप से कुछ आशाएं है – कुछ को नौकरी पाने की इत्छा , कुछ को धाराप्रवाह बोलने की इत्छा , कुछ को अपने आप को दूसरों से बेहतर […]