Communication Workshop With Near & Dear Ones at Ahmedabad , Gujarat – 14th July 2019

Loud Announcement 

TISA Communication Workshop With Near & Dear ones

Date- 14th July 2019 (Sunday) 


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The idea of Communication Workshop with Our Near & Dear Ones has been in mind since the inception of Ahmedabad SHG and finally, we are making it happen through collective efforts. It’s a coming of age moment for many PWS at Ahmedabad. We had been always feeling a need to have extensive support from family, relatives and friends but due to our developed attitudes towards stammering, we had been closing the doors from inside. Isn’t it true that it’s we who aren’t allowing others to be around us? But eventually, we are ready to take the lead, open the doors and allow them to enter in and witness the magic.
We are expecting this communication workshop to have a holistic approach and bring some positive deeper attitudinal changes in our mindset and our near and dear ones too.
We believe now is the time to discuss some important question which could alter our lives positively in the long run. Let’s ponder upon it.
1. How family support and involvement can change PWS’s lives
2. What if all PWS’s families come together and share their journeys and learn some important lessons of a lifetime?
3. How can we all understand things beyond stammering?
4. What are the do’s and don’t’s for Non-PWS
5. Can a conducive environment change PWS’s responses to stammering?
6. How could we change the psychology of PWS and their Near and Dear Ones?
7. Is there a need for breaking the misconception and wrong belief around and about stammering?
So let’s participate with us in ‘Communication Workshop with Our Near and Dear Ones’ and answer the above questions and take away lots and lots of happiness and bliss by making them our best ally.
Ahmedabad SHG is coming with something new and something different in Communication workshop. Watch the video and know;

👉🏻 Why this workshop?
👉🏻 How this workshop?
👉🏻 Few other important things for participants.

Let’s take one more step 👣 towards 💪🏻acceptance with near and dear ones👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Registration form-

अहमदाबाद एस.एच.जी कम्युनिकेशन वर्कशॉप में कुछ नया और कुछ अलग लेकर आ रहा है। वीडियो देखें और जानें;

👉🏻यह कार्यशाला क्यों?
👉🏻यह कार्यशाला कैसे?
👉🏻प्रतिभागियों के लिए कुछ अन्य महत्वपूर्ण बातें।

चलो, आप के अपने ओर प्यारे👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 लोगों के साथ💪🏻 स्वीकृति की दिशा में एक और कदम उठाएं 👣

पंजीकरण फॉर्म-


Date : 14th July 2019 (Sunday)

Reporting Time : 9 AM  to  10 AM

Workshop Start : 10 AM

Conclusion of Workshop : 6 PM



Venue address- 

Circuit House

Airport Rd, Shahibag, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380004.
See on map- 


List of Enrolled Participants: Name Total members City Registration Fee Status
1 Smit Panchal+ 1 2 Ahmedabad Paid Confirm
2 VipulUbhadiya+ 1 2 Ahmedabad Paid Confirm
3 Ketul Gandhi+ 2 3 Ahmedabad Not paid On Hold
4 Shardaree Tale+ 2 3 Ahmadabad Not paid On Hold
5 Akhilesh Mohan Suryavansi + 1 2 Satna (Madhya Pradesh) Not paid On Hold
6 Jan E Alam 2 New Delhi Not paid On hold
7 Pankaj Pandey 1 Ahmadabad Paid Confirm
8 Shailesh Shah 2` Ahmadabad Paid Confirm
9 Ramavtar Prajapati 1 Ahmadabad Paid Confirm
10 Anil Sahu+1 2 Jamnagar Paid Confirm
11 Parth Panchal+1 2 Ahmadabad Not  Paid On hold
12 Harshil Damor +1 2 Gandhinagar Not  Paid On hold


If you have any queries, you can reach out on below number : 

  1. Vipul Ubhadiya-  +91-9879812300
  2. Ketul Gandhi- + 91-83204 11482
  3. Vikrant Soni-  +91-98253 09718

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