Life beyond the stammering

After joining The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) I met many people who stammer in different parts of the country. Most of us are willing to overcome stammering and become fluent speakers in a short time. These expectations are not wondering because our society has aspects for every person to speak fluently. Human life is based on social rules, but individual differences are common. We are unable to see any two persons who look the same in every aspect. Even, twins are different from each other.

TISA has introduced its three core values. The first one is “Acceptance” – It means accepting yourself without any prejudice and without comparing it to others. This is the only way of life to deal with challenges freely. Live life on your own terms. You have the right to make mistakes and learn more.

Stammering is not a barrier to our life. Do not postpone living life because of stammering. I think that our life needs more like listening carefully to others, talking with smiles, earning money, fulfilling family responsibilities, and of course treat yourself,  even if you achieve little success.

At 34 Years of age, I did a dance at my cousin’s brother’s wedding ceremony, which was organized in Kanpur. I did not worry about the guest’s reactions and what they think about me. It helps to reduce my fear and again in 2017, I had danced at another cousin’s wedding. I listen to a motivational video of a spiritual guru on YouTube. He said – Everyone willing to dance despite it is natural. Nevertheless, people did not gain the courage to express themselves freely.

In the year 2020-21, the Coronavirus pandemic hits millions of lives, and personal life, jobs, and social life also affected badly. I have seen some positive changes in my life due to this pandemic. It’s given me lots of time for self-improvement and “self-help” is the second core value of the TSIA. Only you can change your life, others should help us. If you start work once, the possibility of success may be increased. 

We all are living in a family and society. Sometimes we help others and many times we need to help. “Voluntary service” is the third core value of our association. You can help others if you have time. During this Lockdown, we start organizing daily hangout meetings, and massive open online courses, etc.

TISA is not claimed to cure stammering and we are not running away behind the fluency. We believe that stammering is “okay” and must focus to reduce negative mindsets, work to develop communication skills. The need of the hour is to try to see our life beyond the stammering and live a complete life.



  • Amit Singh Kushwaha.



Post Author: Amitsingh Kushwaha

2 thoughts on “Life beyond the stammering

    Naresh Parihar

    (March 19, 2021 - 7:36 pm)

    Very nice said. Really these steps rise our best way of living.


    (March 19, 2021 - 8:35 pm)

    Hi Amit, this is a wonderful post. Just like you, TISA has helped me a lot.
    Once I read a quote from a wonderful book, the quote is – “If you want to increase your self-esteem quickly, help others without wishing anything in return”, I was not able to understand this quote until I joined TISA. After understanding the core values of TISA, I understood this quote very well, not just mentally but emotionally too.
    The quote is from the book ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera.
    And now, I do not let stammering affect my happiness.

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