Many pws now want to volunteer in TISA as SHG coordinators, Group admins, TOPG faculty and Peer Counsellors. All these roles require a good understanding of TISA approach and efficient communications skills. To fulfil this need we are launching MOOC-2: a two week intense but fun online course.
1. Self paced/ coached study of online resources- movies, articles, books on counselling, communication, psychology etc.
2. Daily Discussion during hangouts
3. Creative assignments
4. Presentations and feedback
5. Interactions with invited Guests
Intended audience/ Requirements:
1. Indian people who stammer, who have completed TOPG
2. Clear two week commitment for hangout and homework, which may take about two hours per day.
3. Good grasp of Hindi and English
4. Hardware to attend Zoom conferencing
FLUENCY is NOT a requirement.
How to apply:
Fill this google form:
We will get back to you in 10-12 days.

Post Author: Shivank Menon

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    Arham Rafiq

    (January 7, 2023 - 5:30 pm)

    How to join Tisa mooc?

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