Back from Sabbatical!

Congrats Harish! I am so happy that you have used – our old home! I am able to post on this blog, could browse the groups, the calendar… All the basics are there. Of course no website is perfect – including this one. We, the pws, are not perfect! Anyway big thanks to all […]

Hello TISA…

Dear Friends, TISA has been getting lot of enquiries on mail. Most of this enquiries come from internet users looking for help, having a question or just wanting to share. At times, we realize that a person-to-person connection would go a long way in offering a satisfactory help. Moreover, over the years we have seen […]

New Website and Beyond

This ISAD (22nd Oct), TISA launched a brand new website, rich with features and an integrated blog, in line with the changing technology trends. This welcome change was long due, and with rigorous efforts of the TISA tech team – Vishal Gupta, Dhruv Gupta, Dipesh Agarwal and Abhinav Bakshi, it finally saw the light of day. […]

Congratulations everyone!

A big milestone has been achieved today- with this website being launched successfully – and on time! No ‘blocks’ this time- thanks to TISA Tech Team! This is a milestone, not the end of the journey. We are not sprinters- we are marathoners. We are in it for a long long haul.. Now, we have […]