A Wonderful Hangout meeting

TISA recently organized a wonderful interactive three days’ communication workshop at Siliguri, West Bengal with an ambition to change the negative mindset towards stammering, boost inner confidence and assist in becoming a self-help person. For discussing the lifelong messages from the workshop, continuing the encouragement and practice of valuable speaking techniques, a successful TISA hangout meeting was held on 15th March from 8.00 am to 9.00 am among the participants of the Siliguri communication workshop. One of our closest senior TISA members, Harish Usgaoker, National coordinator and Amit Singh Kushwaha, Asst. National Coordinator , TISA also joined the meeting.

The agenda of the following hangout meeting was:
1. Introduction of each participant with voluntary stammering.
2. Telling their own positive ways of dealing with society (regards stammering) with pausing technique.
3. Lessons from the informative video (https://youtu.be/pxgl4NONbaY) with bouncing technique.
4. Importance of speech techniques and it’s benefit by Harish Usgaoker, National coordinator, TISA.

The participants those were able to join the hangout meeting were:
1. Harish Usgaoker
2. Prince Kumar
3. Vinod Dubey
4. Anjan Ghosh
5. Pradip Si
6. Amit Singh Kushwaha

It was a nice discussion according to the agenda and each participant made their brief comments with the mentioned speaking techniques.

Everyone explained their own positive ways of handling the society about stammering. The common highlighted point was to be less sensitive towards people’s reactions, more open about the problem and discuss with family members and friends. Prince, Vinod, Anjan had mentioned their anxiety and depression in several moments, but they realized their positive things and reduce their sensitivity without thinking too much about others have helped them to overcome their tough situations in society. Amit told whenever he met a new group of people, at the begging he uses to make himself open about his problem and request them to ask me if they are not understanding his words. He realized the people thought about himself not the same he expected. Harish also highlighted the same, more openness about his problem in society.

Important lessons from the video have been discussed by each one. The video was about the importance of concentrating on self-awareness and self-help without worried much about the failure, depressions. It was also emphasized to feel each tiny moment and take a deeper look at yourself in difficult situations.

Then Harish depicted wonderfully the benefit and importance of speech techniques for the stammers. He maintained the persistent practice for a long time with all the techniques without expecting the sudden improvement could make only a difference. We should not try in the toughest situation at the beginning and practice in a step wise manner. Apart from that, he mentioned we should not think too much about the techniques, we should concentrate on other parts of communication, our contents, body language also. These techniques are like a helping guide for a child to overcome the tough situations when they learn walking and do not require later. He asked us to follow his massages. Treating childhood psychological trauma in adults often involves working through past traumatic events and reassessing beliefs formed in childhood. For effective treatment of childhood psychological trauma in adults , psychotherapeutic methods are often used to address internal conflicts and experiences. Treatment of childhood psychological trauma in adults may also involve developing self-regulation skills and strengthening psychological resilience.

In the end we finished the meeting by thanking each other.

~ Pradeep Si

Jhorhat, Assam

Post Author: Amitsingh Kushwaha

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    Satyendra Srivastava

    (April 9, 2020 - 7:39 am)

    Welldone Pradeep and everyone..
    Yes, Siliguri was a great experience and learning for all of us in tisa..

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