Bangalore SHG June 22, 2014 meeting report

As always , we met on
Sunday the 22nd June in Cubbon park and bangalore is pleasant
with cool weather on any given day.
At first we had an
introduction round. Not surprisingly we surpassed the double digits
with 11 participants this time. It was a blend of new and old
faces and the introduction round was short and sweet.
The 11 members who
took time out to improve themselves and others were Abhinav,Akash dixit, Anita singh , Anupam ,Arun kumar, Dinesh , Pramod ,
Sai ram , Shamail, Esu babu ( New member ) and myself Sharath.

Then we took some time
out to read a chapter from APNA HATH JAGANNATH. Reading on how
the emotional factor plays a role in our stammering, although we work
on a lot of speech therapy methods did help us to understand that
managing our emotions also played a huge role in managing our
stuttering ( r/w chapter 7 of the book ).This was not just a
round of reading like how we did in classroom in our school days but
the discussion on the same helped many of us to take a lesson or two
out of it.

Then we had a fun
round of giving speech on table topics , wherein each
participant was given a minute each to speak on the topic given to
them on the spot. Everyone seemed to love this round. It was
hilarious to see some people managing to speak on unknown topics but
still managing to speak on it.

Finally we had a round
of Group discussion on whether India can place its team in
football team by 2022 world cup. Some were really optimistic, some
pessimistic and a few realistic. Finally the take way of GD or a
debate is not who wins the round, but to gather our thoughts and
present it to many people in the best manner.
It was 1 pm by then,
time was up. But like the previous week, almost half of the group
went to play badminton and we played till 3 pm. Now I am
wondering whether SHG and badminton have the power to make us forget

Our new member had thought that “SHG is a big
building with many doctors
“. He did inform us that he was
really surprised seeing the place and at the same time happy to know
the members of SHG.
Written by   – Sharath 

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