TISA Mangalore SHG Meet—1: The Dawn

The first meeting of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)—Mangaluru Self Help Group (SHG) will be held on 23rd July 2017 at Gandhiji Hall—CODP, Adjacent to Padua School, Nanthoor, Mangaluru. All are welcome! Please confirm your participation by registering at: www.tinyurl.com/tisa-mangalore-dawn The Self Help Group will convene regularly to allow people with stammering (PWS) to Share […]

Bangalore SHG report 25 June 2017

Cubbon Park, Bangalore Just coming to Cubbon Park every Sunday morning and breathing the fresh air has its own charm. Greenery, squirrels, pet dogs, park dogs, families, old people, young couple, artists, models, photographers, runners, what not.   Participants: Amarnath, Dinesh, Bharat, Sambhram, Shobhit, Suvadip (myself)   Today we had gathered under the big hut […]

TISA-Boston University Interaction in Dehradun!!

On 17th June 2017, we were supposed to meet a group of students from Boston University, USA. I admit I was nervous! But with this nervousness, there was enthusiasm, will to succeed, and passion for communicating! Life is all about embracing. Just dive in, experience the situation, and emerge as a victorious warrior! This anecdote […]

SHG Bangalore Sunday 11 June

I came down late this Sunday . It was beautiful . PWS had gathered. 1.Mindfulness was the first activity 2.Next came  Introductions. 3.This was followed by Ideal Week talk. People spoke about how their Ideal week will look like. 4. PWS then decided to conduct interviews. We got divided into 3 groups and interviewed each […]

Mumbai SHG Meeting Summary -11/06/17

  Theme Of Meeting: Save Environment Total members present:06 Meeting Manager: Bhavana __________________________________________________________________________ Summary: The meeting starts with a free discussion in general. We introduced ourself. Nikhil gives guidelines regarding ground rules of SHG. Extempore session: Our Theme was Save environment, the environment is the thing to feel, to see so we decided to try […]

Mumbai SHG Meeting Summary -04/06/17

Theme Of Meeting: Monsoon Total members present:03 (Effect of India vs Pak Match.. :P) Meeting Manager: Dhruv Summary: The meeting starts with a free discussion in general. The meeting was dedicated to bouncing technique, practicing, etc about bouncing. More details explain below: 1) Bouncing is done by bouncing thrice on each word 2) Bouncing with […]

One Day Conference & Mumbai SHG Meeting

Yaaayyyyy…. Finally, the day came 27th may’17. Mumbai SHG has organized the one-day mini conference, even some Pune SHG people has joined us for the meet and that was super fun. Some SHG members came early to settle room, for sticking flyers, banners, etc. also we got new TISA Red color T-Shirt.. :). Below are […]

Mumbai SHG meeting : 14-May-2017

Theme Of Meeting: Mother’s Day Total members present: 11 Members present 🙂 Meeting Manager: Dhruv —————————————————————————————————————————– Summary: The session starts with the small introduction in which each member have to stand up and for few seconds he/she have to relax simultaneously making eye contact with others. Then extempore Session has been executed in which each […]

Mumbai SHG minutes of May 7

We began the meeting by each sharing one experience in the past week that was courageous. Ashu shared that what once took courage, may be a normal everyday activity now – this could be called as EXPANDING your comfort zone. Then, we began work on the new Effective Communicator Manual. The first activity was to Extempore Speeches facilitated […]

Mumbai SHG MoM April 9

SHG Meeting ?: YMCA Ghatkopar ?: 2:30-5pm ?: Today, ☀day April 9 Theme: Dnt shutup but bounce Agenda: – Introduction??‍♂ – Facing Fears? – Control of secondary behaviours consciously??‍♂ -Energizer?? -Joke activity? -Fun activity?? -Health tip? -Action plan for the week?? Host -Ashu ? Co-host -Everyone? It was funnnn?. Join us every Sunday in Mumbai! […]

Mumbai SHG MoM April 16

A PRESENT-minded meeting.. we met at YMCA Ghatkopar. As each one came in, we greeted each other, and asked simple questions – “small talk”, before the BIG talk :). We started off with the Uncle Joe game. We are packing Uncle Joe’s bag before he goes on a trip. Each one of us packed something, and […]

Mumbai MoM April 2

Mumbai SHG Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) April 2 ?: YMCA Ghatkopar ?: 2:30-6 ?: ☀day April 2 Theme: Friendship Hosts: Tarun & Dhruv Agenda: – Change Game: We made pairs and talked in that pair for 2 minutes, then someone yelled “CHANGE!”, and we switched to talk to someone else. Great way to meet everyone, […]

Mumbai SHG – Office, YMCA, Mall

Office in Sakinaka Minutes of today’s saki naka shg – We straight away got down on the chair with each one of us expressing themselves in their own tailor made office /business situation. After that we moved on to some basic voluntary blocking exercises by doing some observation and role play. Thanks Prashant, Anthony and […]

TISA Dehradun

Dehradun Stammering Chronicles | Dehradun SHG Meet 26th March

There are times when Dehradun comes alive with the distinct echoes of TISA fraternity. Today, we gathered in the Gandhi park to relive some beautiful memories and to create some imperishable moments to cherish forever. Ravi, Ashish, Pervez, and Mohit marked their presence at the much anticipated TISA Dehradun meeting. We discussed about the accomplishments […]

When the time is right.. by Shanti K.

“When the time is right, everything falls into place,” my life at this moment echoes this sentiment. A couple of days ago, as usual, I prepared the content of a presentation but allowed my collegeue to present it because  I was terrified that I would stammer. This incident awakened the guilt in me that I […]