When the time is right.. by Shanti K.

“When the time is right, everything falls into place,” my life at this moment echoes this sentiment. A couple of days ago, as usual, I prepared the content of a presentation but allowed my collegeue to present it because  I was terrified that I would stammer. This incident awakened the guilt in me that I […]

Kerala SHG Meet (19 Feb 2017)

The first SHG meet in Calicut Date: 19 Feb 2017  Sunday 04:00 PM onward Venue: Hemlet hotel auditorium (Opposite KSRTC bus stand, Near YARA restaurant-Kozhikode) Agendas  Formations of city based zonal supporting groups in Calicut, Cochin and Trivandrum Sharing self help ideas Planning communication workshops.   Welcome all the fellow stutterers from and outside ‘Gods […]

Delhi SHG Meeting report 22nd Jan 2017

Today’s meeting started on time i.e 12pm. Most of the members reached today’s meeting on time. There were total 14 members present today which were: Ravi Jagga (Host), Abhay (Co-host), Anurag, Dixit, Raman, Arunesh, Sikander Sir, Aakash, Rana, Anshul, Sandeep, Sanjay (new), Luvmeet (new), Rajiv(new). The meeting kick started with introduction round. After that, host […]

Rohini, Delhi SHG Meeting Report 15 Jan 2017

हेल्लो दोस्तों, आज हम बात करेंगे टीसा डेल्ही shg की रोहिणी(Japanese park)वाली मीटिंग की तो दोस्तों इस बार हमारी मीटिंग में 7 मेंबर आये मुझे मिला के सब अपनी अपनी जगह बहुत अच्छे से बोले सबसे पहले बात करते है हमारी फीमेल मेंबर जागृति की जो काफी अच्छा बोली मीटिंग में बहुत आत्मविश्वास वाली लड़की […]

Nagpur in New Year!

IT was 29th Dec another new day New hopes and new beginning ,On 29th we planed our shg after almost 5 months and it went really ossum.This time the experience was quite good as we more focussed on practical things as talking to a group of strangers guided by Manish upadhay sir.So there were 4 […]

Commonwealth Meet!

We met at a restaurant in Herbertpur to celebrate first day of the New Year, 2017! Ravindra, Raghavendra, Shubham came from Dehradun. Surendra from Vikasnagar; Pawan, Parmanand, Sunny and self from Herbertpur. Sunny came with his guitar. We laughed, joked, sang, did some role play- on the whole, we had great time- almost three hours- […]

Bangalore SHG Report 26 December 2015

It had been very long, since I had last attended an SHG meeting and even longer since I had met Dinesh (our friend, philosopher and guide at SHG Bangalore). Last Sunday’s meeting started unusually very late i.e. around 11 am with the attendees being Shobhit, Pramod, Mansi , Mohit (IISc), Dinesh, me, Raman, Abhinav and […]

Borivali SHG Meet Update

By Hitesh Punjabi  Today’ borivali SHG Meet Update… Today we were 4 people Frist we had an Introduction Round… Where we Introduced ourselves & spoke about how TISA helples us in our personal life… (video is provided) Next we had an Intresting Interview session…. Where there was a Mock Interview Later on we had an […]

The Ghatkopar SHG meet

By Rayumand Yazdani So today we had the shg meet at Ghatkopar coordinated by Dhruv Gupta.. We were 4 people in total, we initially started with the introduction section, Each one introducing themselves. Later we moved on to the bouncing technique in which we practiced bouncing by making up a story ourselves( story about a squirrel […]

Anyone from Surat? Plz join Akshay!

hiiiii sir,aaj humne meeting ki.bahut maza aaya.iss meeting hetalji nd patelji Aaye the.yeh meeting hamne collage ke park me ki thi.hum logo ne apne experience share kiye.kafi accha feel hua hame.chai bhi pee.pure do ghanto tak hamne baatchit ki………sir meri photo  apko whatsapp kar di hai… (Akshay Rawal, 76987 55027)

Being objective about our stammer

At SHG today, we decided to fill out a similar grid to: 1) help us look at our stammering in an objective/neutral way 2) see how we are improving, or how we could improve 3) have a common language at SHG with which to talk about our stammering, share Here are the different types of […]

Delhi SHG Meeting Report

Hi PWS, In this meeting, 19 people came. It was very energetic meeting. Following were the roles assigned to people: Overall Host and Feedback session host: Vikas Ranga Acceptance Activities Host: Dixit Arora Communication Activities Host: Vishal Gupta. Following are the four parts of the meeting: 1. Introduction: Vikas gave introduction of TISA, ground rules […]