From Nikhil (Mumbai)

Today’s event in National park was attended by Dheeraj and I. Before the meet, Dhruv had sent me the manual. The first round that we did was telling our name with a pause and with a smile. The second round was using the bouncing technique. This round we divided into various subrounds. The first sub-round […]

Bnagalore SHG Report 6 Nov. 2016

Hello Everyone, It becomes very nice atmosphere when experienced members of SHGs comes. Similar happened this week when we had Dinesh with us after a long time. This meeting started with a everyone sharing what they are doing with to improve their communicaton apart from coming ti SHG. I started that activity with sharing a […]

Dehradun SHG Meet, 6th November, 2016


The one aspect I love the most about winters is- morning sunshine. Wait, it’s not over yet. All the PWS from Dehradun SHG along with Dr Sachin, lush green lawns of Gandhi park, lots of food and drinks, and the mesmerizing weather of Dehradun! A perfect get together!

10:00 am sharp (pun intended!), all the members were in the Gandhi park. We decided to have a picnic together with all the fun activities and sumptuous food and drinks. There were Dayal, Ravi, Krishna, Pankaj, Gaurav, Vipul, Dr Sachin and Mohit.

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Mumbai SHGs 6/11/2016

We followed the TISA SHG Manual and conducted the 1st session. We will wait to hear back from participants and see how they feel about the session in a few days, and a week when their ‘home assignments’ are due. If you’re in Mumbai and you stammer…and you’ve never been to SHG..there could never be a better […]

Super Sunday SHG in Mumbai!

Hey everyone, Though I don’t like writing, but I am really excited to write this post on our super last Sunday SHG meeting. It was special, not only because it was International stammering awareness day but also because it was planned in a place where I am actually planning to retire and spend my old […]

Mumbai SHG

Hi everyone! We wanted to announce Mumbai Self-Help Group (SHG) meetings this Sunday Nov 6. At Sanjay Gandhi National Park from 11 am – 1 pm (please meet sharp at 11 am next to the entry ticket counter, if you are going to be late please call/msg Nikhil 9821751773). At YMCA Ghatkopar from 2:30 pm […]

Delhi SHG Report | 23rd October Meeting, ISAD 2016

TISA Delhi SHG Weekly Meeting Report written by Sunoy Garai

23 October, 2016, Sunday


Full album link is here :

The meeting was held at India Gate this time. The host Mr. Dinesh Kumar Ola suggested a different

venue this time as he thought that there would be a variety of strangers at India Gate and we

stammerers could build some confidence by talking to the strangers, especially foreigners.

The meeting started at 11 a.m. and was attended by eight Delhi SHG members, Dinesh Kumar Ola

(Host), Vikas Ranga (Co-host), Sunoy Garai, Madhav, Anurag, Anurag Mishra, Vivek Maurya and

Prajwal. The meeting started with a brief introduction of every member, especially focussing on the

positives and negatives of one’s personality. Mr. Ola, the host, suggested that this meeting would be

one of a kind where members could talk freely without any fear and sharing any funny or

adventurous incidents with other members. Unlike other meetings, this meeting was kind of

unplanned, but ironically that turned out to be a very good thing as the rounds were decided on the

spot with everyone’s views and the meeting turned out to be one of the best meetings.

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Let’s talk about Stuttering – ISAD@Pune

It was a fine morning of 23rd October, just one day post the International Stammering Awareness Day. The members of Pune SHG were as enthusiastic, if not more than me, to meet and interact with the public and spread awareness about stammering. We continued exploring the premises of the fort meeting and speaking with people […]


“Strength lies in difference not in similarities” Members: Abhinav, Bharath, Mansi, Pramod, Pratibha, Rahul, Rajesh, Rueben, Sharath, Shobit, Subhrojith, Subrat, Sudhansu and Tarunidhar Guests: Aparamita, Kranti, Kranti’s neighbour, Indira and Sandhya, Today I admit that writing a report for the majority times has been a ‘work’ to me. I am sure my perfectionist nature in […]