Post Traumatic Growth

I had come across this term a few days back while watching a positive Psychiatry video on Coursera. I had normally heard the opposite term: Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). This was something new and unexpected: What good can one get out of the horrors of a terrorist attack or childhood abuse? You can only […]

To see Clearly

I just finished a ten day Vipassna in Rajasthan and thoroughly enjoyed it ( I also drove a bike – gixxer 155 – to and fro Churu!). Since Vipassna is all about experiencing first hand whatever there is to be realised (rather than talking about concepts), I will desist from saying more about it! You […]

Hrithik Meets TISA

 In an amazing feat that turns out to be a BIG milestone- TISA’s Mumbai SHG had a meeting and head-to-head conversation with none other than Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik has been vocal about his stammering right from his early days of stardom, and on March 15, 2019, Hrithik Roshan met 9 of the Mumbai SHG members […]

It’s time to change.

हेलो फ्रेंड्स,मेरा नाम अक्षय रावल है. मै अभी कोयम्बटूर में रहता हूं।आज मैं यहां पर अपने आप मे जो बदलाव आया है.वह मै आप लोगो को बताना चाहता हु। मै पिछले एक महीने से volunteering stammering का काफी यूज़ कर रहा हु।जिसमे मैं हरेक तकनीक को यूज़ करता हु।जो कि मैने सीखी है। टीसा से,सोशल […]

Sound of Silence

Stammering can be traumatizing. What goes through the mind of a person who stammers (PWS) when he is made fun of? What is it to be a “Person who Stammers”? Mounathin Satham (in English – Sound of Silence) is a Tamil short film that tries to portray a very important aspect of stammering- the Social […]

Protesting, CALMLY!

A young woman scientist was walking in dark in a Scotland village, when she was gored by an antelope. Antelope’s antlers (horn) pierced her wind pipe and the food tube in the neck. She went in a coma, was transferred to a hospital in Glasgow and was saved against ALL odds! On her recovery she […]

Accept the Truth and Move on

I am an engineering graduate in Electrical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra of the 2012-2017 batch. I got placed in a core electrical company straightaway in my final year. But after 3-4 months of job I decided to quit that job and try for IES/GATE exam. I got selected in Gate exam and was selected in […]

Dr. Sachin on Red FM (ISAD)

On the occasion of International Stuttering Awareness day (22nd Oct), Red FM Bengaluru station featured our beloved mentor Dr. Sachin Srivastava. Do listen to this short 2 min feature, where Dr. Sachin talks about what is stammering and spreads the much needed awareness. Thanks Red FM Bengaluru for this opportunity to spread awareness on this […]

Talk it out, sweat it out: How self-talk helped me conquer my fears

Hi Everyone, I am Ambika Sharma. I  live in New Delhi. I am pursuing Masters in Computer Applications and I stammer. Every person has a hobby. I too have one. I have been playing table tennis for a very long time. I started playing during my graduation and won two gold medals consecutively. But this […]

How a stammerer got a job?

Hello everyone, I’m Rajgauri Sadanand Vedpathak from Kolhapur. I am Studying in final year of mechanical engineering. I am a stammerer since childhood. Today, I am really happy to share that I have got a job in SLK Softwares in Bangalore through placement cell in my campus.  But, it was a lot different before.. I […]

My Experience #12 End of Your Story

“Your story may not have good start , but it is your sole responsibility to make its end GREAT” जी हाँ , हम सब……..के जीवन में……. कुछ न कुछ……. प्रोब्लेम्स जरूर……. रहती है…….. परन्तु ……जो व्यक्ति …….अपनी समस्या ……… से ऊपर…… उठ के …….उस पर…… विजय पा ……..लेता है…… वही असली …….मायने में ……जीवन जीता […]