Protesting, CALMLY!

A young woman scientist was walking in dark in a Scotland village, when she was gored by an antelope. Antelope’s antlers (horn) pierced her wind pipe and the food tube in the neck. She went in a coma, was transferred to a hospital in Glasgow and was saved against ALL odds! On her recovery she looked at her own news in local papers in Scotland: Six news papers had reported – The transgender scientist gored by an antelope…

This kind of accident was rare and by itself sensational enough. What need was there to publicize her private life? She wondered. Very calmly, she wrote to the newspapers, reminding them of their own press code, which stipulates that private details of a case should not be divulged unless they have a direct connection. To her great surprise, Newspapers responded positively. They removed all the personal details from their online stories. Later they invited her to be a PRESS REGULATOR. Till then, she believed that ordinary people cannot bring a change in society! She now thinks that making your point calmly, even when you think that nothing will change is IMPORTANT… Listen to her story (16 min) in her own voice (Dr Kate Stone)- and think how does it relate to you:

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