My Experience #12 End of Your Story

“Your story may not have good start , but it is your sole responsibility to make its end GREAT” जी हाँ , हम सब……..के जीवन में……. कुछ न कुछ……. प्रोब्लेम्स जरूर……. रहती है…….. परन्तु ……जो व्यक्ति …….अपनी समस्या ……… से ऊपर…… उठ के …….उस पर…… विजय पा ……..लेता है…… वही असली …….मायने में ……जीवन जीता […]

More Than Silence | Stammering Documentary by Ananth Mohan | Ahmedabad SHG, TISA

More Than Silence A documentary film which narrates some interesting stories of some people who deals with stuttering (stammering) in their daily life.     Runtime: 22 minutes 35 seconds Film Language: English, Hindi Director– Ananth Mohan Writer– Ananth Mohan Producer– Ananth Mohan   Production photos: Anil sahu, Pratik sharma, Vivek puri, Harshil damor, Shailesh shah, Vipul […]

My experience #3

take any problem….let’s don’t take a problem….take a new skill…. can we master it overnight or over a small period..say 10 days…never so why we want to learn a fluent way of speech or better say – becoming a good communicator….. the grim reality is that we don’t accept our stammering,,,we just day dream that […]

What 25 years of stammering has taught me?

This is my story. I have been stammering for a big deal of my life. In all this roller coaster journey, i have experienced many incidents which took my emotions to extreme. Some got the better of me and some I was able to master. Anyway, this has not gone all to waste. I have […]

Episode – 4 Dr. Sweta Ruparel ( Humans of TISA )

Dr Sweta Ruparel is  a doctor (Family Physician) by profession; She is passionate about social work and advocacy. She has done considerable work for an anti-corruption movement by coordinating RTI trainings and promoting awareness on social media. Presently she is volunteering actively in this ongoing TISA MOOC. Women who stammer, often suffer on two counts: […]

The Small Wonder

They say, big surprises come in small packages. In TISA, big inspirations too come in small packages. This story is about one such BIG inspiration that can teach us- the stammering community a lesson on self-help. 10 year old Saandrushka from Goa attended the 3 day workshop with her father in Mangalore last year. For […]

Self Help Meeting in Surat

Hi All, I am Akshay Rawal. I live in Surat, Gujarat and I coördinate the self-help group here. I would love to share about the last self-help meeting which took place on Sunday, April 1, 2018. In this meeting, five of us – Kudrat, Aveshesh, Satyam, Rohit and I gathered. In some time, Vipul also joined us. Vipul is one of […]


Hello Friends! This is Kumar Kundan from Bihar. I live in Delhi, working in Delhi Metro as JE. Having known to what to do with my stammering ,at least where to begin and to continue practicing the techniques such as bouncing, voluntary stammering, and not having any immediate expectations in terms of result , yet […]

That moment of fear made my day

Today we had our quality management meeting in our company. All of us gathered in the conference room. Roughly around 30 new trainees were there including me. The quality manager came and started the presentation. He started asking questions to all of us along with introduction. I became very uneasy sensing that my turn would […]

Mumbai SHG: A beautiful moment…

Aaj ki SHG meet mein, family-wala feeling aiya… Participants (from right): Ashok Agicha (Ashu), Bharat Soni, Jayesh Patil, Bhavana Patil, Dhruv Gupta Meeting ke pele, I was lying in my bed – not happy with the world. Meeting ke bad – I feel great! I was feeling lonely; a common human emotion. Meeting TISA friends, […]

Storytelling by Shobhit

Fishbone Collective invites you to a storytelling session by Shobhit Singh on Sunday 10th September 9 AM onwards. The meeting place would be small hut(where the SHG meeting usually happens), Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Entry free. Please do come and get your friends too. Shobhit will be telling stories written by Munshi Premchand and Saadat Hasan Manto This storytelling is for adults only.     […]

The rise of the Heroes..

Yesterday I went for the play – I reached the venue good 30 mins before the performance.. I had taken my wife and kids along.. only kids above 12 are allowed in plays. Anyways my kids were allowed! All is well and OK when our own people are involved in the logistics! 😉 Rashmi […]

Communication Workshop at Mangalore

The first Communication Workshop for people with stammering (PWS) by The Indian Stammering Association – TISA in Mangaluru was held on 16-18 June 2017. The workshop was held in the Gandhiji Hall of CODP – Mangalore. PWS from Delhi, Pune, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, and Goa along with pws from Mangalore, participated in this three-day workshop. A […]

TISA-Boston University Interaction in Dehradun!!

On 17th June 2017, we were supposed to meet a group of students from Boston University, USA. I admit I was nervous! But with this nervousness, there was enthusiasm, will to succeed, and passion for communicating! Life is all about embracing. Just dive in, experience the situation, and emerge as a victorious warrior! This anecdote […]

Condolences: Akash Acharya

Dear friends, The shocking news of the loss of our dear friend Dr. Akash Acharya arrived yesterday. I confess that my eyes teared up and I have needed more than an entire day to calm myself. It is my hope that this note will help us all -in some small way, at the least. Akash […]