Image result for challengesHello Friends!
This is Kumar Kundan from Bihar. I live in Delhi, working in Delhi Metro as JE.
Having known to what to do with my stammering ,at least where to begin and to continue practicing the techniques such as bouncing, voluntary stammering, and not having any immediate expectations in terms of result , yet I could not make my mind to commit to the simple yet not an easy path of recovery for these 5-6 years.
Things changes,you join a job,old patterns don’t work and so you have to learn things. Now I am  Learning to bounce on words, sachin sir being the most committed source of inspiration and instructions as well 🙂
This 11 the December 2017, I committed myself towards correcting my stammer.
After these two weeks,when I reflect on what progress have I made , what I find is , now I am less fearful and more consistent in using bouncing technique with PWS, my close friends , and my family members,earlier I couldn’t use these techniques with them either.
This is important because apart from speaking in office ,at your workplace , friends and family and close ones are the people you have to talk with, on the regular basis.
I  remember these little gains everytime I feel like I am quitting.
What my plans are ? Well I will continue to practice bouncing techniques with PWS, and my friends and my family for some months before I upgrade the challenges.
Happy new year 2018 to all of you !
Kumar Kundan

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