My Experience #6

Most of us suffer from pain of not speaking well and it is human nature that we think our problem is the biggest. But if we dare and look at outside world , 99% people have problems in their life .. some might be suffering from a disease which may allow him/her to live only for next 6 months or even less .. they are surely suffering a heartbreak and continuously asking .. God .. Why me ?

But life is life. It doesn’t discriminate one against another. Today you are here alive but tomorrow or may be a few years later you might not be here. So our goal should be to realize power of gratitude… What we have … we have healthy physical body .. though our mind remains disturbed and agitated … We always think what if i get stuck there ?  what will be the worst ? whether they will publish our photo on front page of The Hindu … We humans are busy with ourselves and we don’t think much what other are going through….

Practical tip – now a days i make random phone calls to anyone via searching at google .. doctor near me … restaurant near me… and so one … i try to make phone call short i.e. 2-3 min because in this limited time , i have to perform what i have learnt .. we tend to become relax in long phone calls… so my focus is on #Small is beautiful

I do it in front of mirror… i amazed at seeing my distorting face…. shallow breathe… i started enjoying the process… because this is temporary.. I know we all will become better communicator if we seriously follow our goal of becoming better communicator .. I know i have traversed this road long but many more miles are yet to cover so don’t think much .. just do your daily speech workouts and become free from this stammering mindset…

Khel abhi jaari hai,

Raman Maan

8285115785 ( please drop a message before call )

# i am getting calls after i started writing my experience , i feel very blessed that i am working on my goals and contributing little bits to others – so feel free to discuss about life with stammering and life beyond stammering.

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