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Asking a pws to host a hangout is somewhat like, asking a street cricketer to play International cricket! Madness, in one word! That is how many pws react when we suggest that they should host a hangout, after having attended some. The truth is, we would never ever challenge ourselves, unless forced into it. This is what hosting does. It makes all kind of demands on our cognitive, planning and communication skills. And the rewards also are equally diverse and interesting. Krishiv in this brief study, based on discussions with five hosts (including himself), explains how hosting benefits a pws and how we can do even better. (Editor)

The Indian Stammering Association is a community for PWS across India. At TISA, we have a platform for participants to improve their communication skills by participating in virtual public speaking sessions daily. If you want to host a session, there is no better time to start than today. In this article, we will cover how to become a good host and an array of benefits of hosting.

How does hosting hangout sessions benefit you?

The information of this article is based on the feedback of five experienced hosts. Our hosts have experienced numerous benefits, primarily increased confidence and public speaking skills. Communication is a two-way process, it is equally important to have strong listening skills by giving everyone a chance to speak. One gets motivated by listening to the stories of our members. Also, one gets mental satisfaction since they are doing something about their stammering while helping others feels great! Hosts have noticed they get more time to speak while developing an ability to lead an audience. In the process, they have become creative in choosing interesting topics of discussion.
Additionally, some of the benefits highlighted by our existing hosts are:
Increases problem-solving skills
Gives a feeling of leadership
Learn how to talk to people
Time management

Changes observed by hosts in their interactions with friends, family, unknown person and speaking in general after hosting hangout sessions.

They have started paying attention to what others have to say while listening more than speaking. Some state they have become more extroverted after hosting hangout sessions and now enjoy speaking to friends and relatives much more than before. They have developed patience and persistence in doing whatever they do and the same confidence reflects at their workplace too while dealing with colleagues. As for new hosts, they have seen an improvement in their confidence after each session. Also, participants who are regular in hangouts have seen an improvement and to a host, this is a great feeling of achievement. Overall, their interactions outside of TISA have become much more interesting and engaging with family, friends and even unknown people.

How to become a good host? – A blueprint for future hosts.

Be a leader and a good listener
Personal interaction (based on introduction) – ask some follow-up questions
Develop patience and the ability to handle an audience giving the opportunity to speak and allow them to complete their sentence. Applaud or praise them to boost their morale which also increases their confidence.
Plan the session in advance. Keep it engaging with interesting rounds and topics for discussion.
For first-timers, just go for it and don’t fear stammering because that’s the whole point of overcoming your fears. Stay motivated and further motivate your audience, allow more time to each participant to speak to let them also overcome their difficulties and benefit each other.

Ways to improve

Increase interactions and bring new questions, anything random or spontaneous

This video offers some thoughts to consider when you plan to host a hangout:

On Being a Host!

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