Know Thy Stammer

TISA MOOC (Online Class)

NOTE: Thanks for the overwhelming response! Enrollment for the 1st batch is closed at 40 students. Next batch will be announced sometime in November 2017.  I have spoken to a few people who recently contacted TISA, and who were added to a few whatsapp groups and who received couple of emails and phone calls. One […]

Communication Workshop at Mangalore

The first Communication Workshop for people with stammering (PWS) by The Indian Stammering Association – TISA in Mangaluru was held on 16-18 June 2017. The workshop was held in the Gandhiji Hall of CODP – Mangalore. PWS from Delhi, Pune, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, and Goa along with pws from Mangalore, participated in this three-day workshop. A […]

Condolences: Akash Acharya

Dear friends, The shocking news of the loss of our dear friend Dr. Akash Acharya arrived yesterday. I confess that my eyes teared up and I have needed more than an entire day to calm myself. It is my hope that this note will help us all -in some small way, at the least. Akash […]

Thank you , Ma’am !

Suya madam was the favorite of the entire school. She had done B Ed, and was preparing for NET. And of course, her name was Anusuya, which children of this primary school had shortened to Suya Madam. Girls wanted to look like her and often wondered what cosmetic did she use! She was tall and […]

Who is the REAL enemy?

Hello friends, I felt like posting this today, for all of my friends who have lived or are still living the life of a stutterer, with a message which might seem awkward but is the honest realization which my life as offered me. It’s going to be big and boring, hence a text file. I […]

Time for Introspection?

A pws from Pakistan, let us call him YM, wanted to join a TISA whatsapp group. The admin contacted me. I said: yes, why not? YM is as much a stammerer as me or you- and needs some help. After all, many of us have drawn inspiration from Julia Irani’s videos. Haven’t we? I personally […]

Jara Hat ke!

Hi All, Theatre Hat-ke is presenting their play “Taramandal” on 4th March, 2017 at Montfort Spirituality Centre. Taramandal received the Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award in 2010. Its written by Neel Chaudhuri. About Theatre Hat-Ke: Theatre hat-ke is a group originated within Bangalore SHG and as a result of the acting classes we have had since January. The first […]


Sir, This is Vimal… Remember? I met you in that workshop? As I climbed this little trail uphill, near Kotabagh (Haldwani), after a 300 km drive, my first reaction to this phone call was a little irritation (Why cant people just email me?) – but then, it is always fun to catch up with old workshop […]

A New Step in 2017

(Translation: Original in Hindi, here) I am a Special Educator working with government schools in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. DIET is a state resource center for teachers at our district headquarter. DIET runs workshops for government teachers, to promote innovative methods of teaching and to make education more inclusive. DIET often invites experts and educationists, to […]

Nagpur in New Year!

IT was 29th Dec another new day New hopes and new beginning ,On 29th we planed our shg after almost 5 months and it went really ossum.This time the experience was quite good as we more focussed on practical things as talking to a group of strangers guided by Manish upadhay sir.So there were 4 […]

Commonwealth Meet!

We met at a restaurant in Herbertpur to celebrate first day of the New Year, 2017! Ravindra, Raghavendra, Shubham came from Dehradun. Surendra from Vikasnagar; Pawan, Parmanand, Sunny and self from Herbertpur. Sunny came with his guitar. We laughed, joked, sang, did some role play- on the whole, we had great time- almost three hours- […]

Anyone from Surat? Plz join Akshay!

hiiiii sir,aaj humne meeting ki.bahut maza aaya.iss meeting hetalji nd patelji Aaye the.yeh meeting hamne collage ke park me ki thi.hum logo ne apne experience share kiye.kafi accha feel hua hame.chai bhi pee.pure do ghanto tak hamne baatchit ki………sir meri photo  apko whatsapp kar di hai… (Akshay Rawal, 76987 55027)

Talk the Walk

Three hectic days. Focused listening. Planning on the feet (plan A to Z). Asking “deep” questions. Confronting and challenging. Encouraging. Finally, Accepting Raman as he is. All this and much more. In these three days, we covered lot of ground and I am sure Raman is as exhausted as I am. Day 1: I encouraged […]

Two faces of stammering

Last week I had a chance to interact with two young pws in a counseling context. I received two very different reactions; So much so, I was quite puzzled and kept on thinking about the incident for quite some time. Amit, the first pws was 13, a class eight student in a village. His father […]

Are you a Rogerian?

I just discovered that our approach in TISA is very much like that of Carl Rogers, who gave birth to Humanistic Psychology. This was a rebellion against Psychoanalytic and Behaviouristic schools. Psychoanalyst believed that our current behaviour was controlled by what happened long time back in our childhood- dark, unhappy things. Behaviorist believed that environment […]


I remember a story shared by a therapist working with children who stammer. She was shocked one day, when during a session, the child said: My father slaps me whenever I block! The therapist decided to confront the father. But the father refused to have ever done that. The family too confirmed that father had […]

From Nikhil (Mumbai)

Today’s event in National park was attended by Dheeraj and I. Before the meet, Dhruv had sent me the manual. The first round that we did was telling our name with a pause and with a smile. The second round was using the bouncing technique. This round we divided into various subrounds. The first sub-round […]

Build the ship as it sails

UPDATE: Authors can upload pictures if they are 100 kb or less. System limits. On popular demand the old blog too is open. Feel free to write there or here, based on your preference. It is OK. Bottom line is: everyone should have an outlet to share their thoughts…………………………. Friends, the “bare bones” website is […]

Big leap From Vishal Yeole…

(Challenging meeting at home town!) Hi everyone, As I declared to arrange 1st ever shg meeting at my home town chikhali, dist Buldhana, Maharashtra on 29th oct. We met 3 pws and 5 non-pws. So we started with introduction round where everyone had to tell his name, address, mb no, family, job,etc. Then we did […]

Young minds…

I had an invitation to talk about discrimination and diversity to a group of students doing Diploma in Health Assistance, in the local hospital. After initial hitch, which technology almost always throws at you tauntingly – we were off to a good start. Multimedia was working. I introduced the theme quickly in a few lines […]