14-11-2019 (A meeting at India Gate with Afzal & Arun Kumar)

Afzal and Arun Kumar just completed the workshop with Sachin sir now they returned and doing frequently stranger talk meeting. This time Arun Kumar has some personal work with somewhere and Afzal also joined with Arun Kumar and they after work travel by metro and reached to Central Secretariat metro station that is adjacent to […]

Loss and Gain

“माई री मैं कासे कहूँ पीर अपने जिया की … मदनमोहन का ये पुराना गीत, विभावरी आप्टे की आवाज़ में सुन कर मेरी आँखें भर आई, सुबह सुबह ! कई दिनों से ऐसा ही कुछ हो रहा है | कोई दो महीने बीते हैं, मैरियन को गुजरे |  जैसे मैंने दूसरी बातों को स्वीकार करना […]

My 1st Amazing Conference

I’m Nasir Anwer from Dilli . I was already excited to attend the national conference and also meet the people who stammer . I am highly thankfully to the co-ordinator and other volunteers because of which I was sponsored for visiting the conference… 1st of all it is difficult for me to collect the gift […]

Communication Workshop With Near & Dear Ones at Ahmedabad , Gujarat – 14th July 2019

Loud Announcement  TISA Communication Workshop With Near & Dear ones Date- 14th July 2019 (Sunday)    [kleo_divider type=”full|long|double|short” double=”yes|no” position=”center|left|right” text=”” class=”” id=””]   The idea of Communication Workshop with Our Near & Dear Ones has been in mind since the inception of Ahmedabad SHG and finally, we are making it happen through collective efforts. It’s a […]

Discrimination and Memory

Friends, I wrote this some time back for an online course on Psychology..  You might like it?… Since the summer of 2016, we in India, had been hearing about Mr Trump’s candidacy for the presidentship of USA. Like many in India, USA and elsewhere, I was a little amused and scandalized to learn about various […]

Ahmedabad SHG Presents “Apna Haath Jagannath” Course

Ahmedabad SHG   Presents   “Apna Haath Jagannath”   Course Introduction to the course– You are trying to open a one side opening door and you are giving sufficient time and efforts too. But still, the door isn’t opening. If you had acquainted about the right direction, the door could have been opened by giving […]

Bhopal SHG meet on 21-04-2019

Venue of the meeting – neelam park, jehangirabad Bhopal Timing of the meeting – 5 PM to 7 PM Participants of the meeting – Aakash Sir from bengaluru,jagdish mewada sir, Manoj sir, rohit bhai and me. Hey, Today Bhopal SHG meeting had conducted the self help group meeting. Our meeting started around 5 PM. I […]

Humans of TISA ( Dixit Arora )

  Dixit Arora is a Sr Analyst at Infosys BPM Ltd. He studied MBA at IMT Ghaziabad. He comes from a Middle class family in Delhi and completed his studies here itself. TISA taught him to take small initiatives towards self help and accept and live a happy and satisfied life. He joined Tisa in […]

Bhopal SHG meeting report

  Location of SHG meeting -chinar park ,bhopal Timing of the meeting – 3PM to 5PM Hey folks. I am MK harsh from Bhopal SHG.Today we had conducted the SHG meeting in Bhopal.Today 5 participants had taken the part in the meeting. Our meeting started with the introduction round. The participants had given their introduction […]

Protesting, CALMLY!

A young woman scientist was walking in dark in a Scotland village, when she was gored by an antelope. Antelope’s antlers (horn) pierced her wind pipe and the food tube in the neck. She went in a coma, was transferred to a hospital in Glasgow and was saved against ALL odds! On her recovery she […]

Accept the Truth and Move on

I am an engineering graduate in Electrical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra of the 2012-2017 batch. I got placed in a core electrical company straightaway in my final year. But after 3-4 months of job I decided to quit that job and try for IES/GATE exam. I got selected in Gate exam and was selected in […]

Bhopal SHG meeting

Location of the meeting – shahjhana park  in front of sultaniya hospital Timing -3:30-5:30 PM Hello all. I am M K harsh from Bhopal. Today on 18 Nov,  we had a SHG meeting here at Bhopal and I am very glad to inform you all that today,one new member has joined our bhopal SHG . […]

Bhopal SHG going strong ..

Venue -shahjhana park Infront of sultaniya hospital Timing -4pm to 6pm Hello all . I’m MK harsh from Bhopal SHG . Today we had conducted the SHG meeting. Today’s meeting was very special because in today’s meeting Amit kushwaha sir was our special guest. In the starting of the meeting , Amit sir had made […]