TISA Membership

(A humorous piece on TISA) TISA membership is entirely free. You can join and leave anytime. In fact, you can join it just before your campus interview and leave it five minutes later. In the US Visa interview, you can leave our membership midway, soon after the introduction rounds are safely over. TISA is another […]

TISA Patna SHG Meeting

Hello friends! Today it was Sunday started the day with full of cold, as we were planned last night to hold a SHG meet. When we reached Gandhi maidan (venue of SHG) there was entry prohibited for common man we lose hope. As we reached after having long suffer like somebodies was coming from Gaya […]

Bodhgaya Workshop

TISA Bodhgaya Communication Workshop 8-9 Jan 2023 Four noble truths: There is Stammering. There is a cause of stammering. There is a state beyond Stammering. There is a path to it. Let us walk that path,  like Buddha!  Introduction Twelve pws explored concepts and techniques related to stammering, besides bonding and exploring this town, famous […]


Solitude (A short story) The old man was again in the church today at his regular time. He quietly comes in and sits in one of the pews at the back. This is not the usual time to visit though. One day, I asked him: Why don’t you attend the morning service? The afternoon is […]

Tisa’s Communication workshop – Bodhgaya Bihar

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Hello friends! 😊🤗 😊we are glad to announce that there is two days communication workshop is going to be organise in Bodhgaya Bihar. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us and workshop is TISA’s one of biggest event because it’s best to learn the things and do it practically in group […]

Jaipur SHG Meeting on 16.10.2022

Hello everyone On 16th October 2022 an SHG meeting was conducted in Jaipur.Prior intimation was shared in the group about the date and  time. The meeting was scheduled at 11:00 a.m. and me and my nephew Vansh reached Central Park at 11:00 a.m. Before us Aditya have already reached the place. We gathered at a […]

Bengaluru SHG -Oct 9th ,2022

Hello everyone, I am Ravi. It was a pleasant Sunday morning, and I came to Bangalore from Mysore for a short trip. I saw in the Bangalore shg group that there will be a self-help group meeting on Sunday. My stay was very near to the venue at which the meeting was to be conducted […]

Bengaluru SHG - 18th Sep

Bengaluru SHG – 18th Sep, 2022

The day was warm while the Sun was playing hide and seek with the Bengaluru cloud as usual. Vehicles were moving and People were jogging as usual. Beautiful Cubbon park was offering its greenery to all its visitor as usual. But at the heart of Cubbon park, there was nothing as usual. The big hut, […]

I Will Rise Again.

It was a normal day, I was enjoying my time in the swimming pool with my friends playing with a beach ball. The ball bounded out of the pool after hitting my neck, I got out of the pool to get it. After a few steps, I felt my leg slipping, and I do not […]

Closed-Ended Practice : The sane way of doing things..

The Role of Speech Tools or Techniques in Managing Stuttering: Importance of Closed-Ended Practice  In TOPG we talk a lot about the importance of practicing speech tools or techniques to achieve more forward-moving speech. There are many questions to explore on this topic. First, what is the purpose of the speech tools or techniques? Second, how […]


BIG Announcement : The much-awaited yearly event of TISA will be happening in the Capital of India, New Delhi at very eco-friendly and peaceful place “Zorba The Buddha” on 6th, 7th and 8th November 2022. Registration are opened !!!! Total Seats : 100 | Registration till now : 98 | Available seats : 02 | Donate […]

Stammering triggers poems!

Fluency of broken words ~ Manpreet Kaur Everyone is equal, And should be treated fairly”. Wish it was more than ‘euphonious’. I have capabilities yet not one, Stammering makes a label, “A red flag”! Why can’t communication be overlooked, When a person is intellectually creative. Those unspoken internal conflicts Conscious of their gait, Yet inaudible […]

When Time Stood Still

Markanda Shiv Temple is situated along the banks of the Wainganga river in Charmorshi tehsil of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra. There is no solid evidence that who build this temple, but according to recent evidence collected by the Archeological Survey of India they believe that the temple was built in the 8 Century or earlier by […]